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Create your own high-flying fun with HoverMissiles. Simply inflate the missile with air and launch it for safe indoor and outdoor fun. It can fly up to 50'! Contains two giant 5' HoverMissiles.


HoverMissile -- Hover Missile Inflatable Toy 2-Pack

3...2...1...blast off! The HoverMissile is the amazing space capsule that measures a colossal 5 feet long! Just fill it with air and you're ready for takeoff. Launch it straight up into the atmosphere or hone in on a target. Neighbors will wonder about the gigantic flying object soaring through the sky! Compete with a friend to see who can throw the longest spiral. The HoverMissile can fly 50 feet, and is safe for indoor and outdoor play.

The HoverMissile is made with a high-strength material that is designed to last! Not only is the HoverMissile durable, but it's refillable so you can enjoy it over and over again.

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