spiral hoversphere

spiral hoversphere


Spiral HoverSphere

Spin it in mid air, play slo-mo volleyball, invent your own wacky tricks and games. It's soft, safe and so easy to play with. Just fill it with air or helium and you're ready to go! Watch the Commercial.


It's like a big, bouncy blimp. Spin it in mid-air, play slow-mo volleyball, invent wacky tricks and games.It's soft and safe and so easy to play.

It inflates to a huge 2 foot diameter. Just fill it with air or helium, and you're ready to go!*

Not only is it durable, but it's refillable so you can enjoy it over and over again.

The Spiral HoverSphere is specially designed with a flexible outer ring, making it the perfect toy for indoor play. So go ahead - spin it, bounce it, toss it. For safe indoor and outdoor fun. Not suitable for windy conditions.

sprial hoversphere

Spiral HoverSphere

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* - Helium is available almost anywhere balloons ar sold including: flower shops, grocery, party, and large retail stores.

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spiral hoversphere

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