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Hover Toys

This page contains links to all different kinds of hover toys. They are related to hovercraft.

Hover Sphere

HoverSphere or Hover Sphere- Spin it in mid air, play slo-mo volleyball, invent your own wacky tricks and games. It's soft, safe and so easy to play with. Just fill it with air or helium and you're ready to go!

HoverBlimp or Hover Blimp - Watch out! The most spectacular looking radio controlled blimp is flying your way. The Hover Blimp floats weightlessly in mid-air and goes where you want it to go. Pilot it from room to room, through doorways and around corners.

HoverMissile or Hover Missile - Create your own high-flying fun with Hover Missiles. Simply inflate the missile with air and launch it for safe indoor and outdoor fun. It can fly up to 50'! Contains two giant 5' HoverMissiles.

HoverDisc or Hover Disc - Flip it. Toss it. Spin it. The 3-Foot Hover Disc is a revolutionary toy balloon with a unique design that makes it ideal for games and tricks, indoors or out. Just fill it with helium or air, and let the high-flying fun begin. Measures approximately 3' wide.

HoverDisk or Hover Disk - Indoors or out, the hover disk floats on a cushion of air generated by its high-speed motor to offer an interactive lesson in air pressure mechanics.

HoverCopter or Hover Copter - Get ready to amaze your friends with the incredible Hover Copter flying saucer!

HoverPuck or Hover Puck - Be it in the office, at home or on the tarmac, you will be fascinated by the way this disc hovers off the ground.

HoverZing or Hover Zing- Fun on a string.

Inflatable Hovercraft - This battery-operated, inflatable Hovercraft has a real working motorized engine and is great for pools.

Trick HoverDisc or Trick Hover Disc

Spiderman & Friends Tub Time Wind-Up Hover Boat with Spiderman figure.