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How to fill the Hover-Sphere


Parents note: When using the HoverSphere outdoors, we strongly recommend filling with air only! Helium-filled HoverSpheres may fly away outdoors.

The HoverSphere comes packaged with a clear plastic straw that is approximately 8 inches in length. If you lost the straw or can not find the straw you can use a regular household drinking straw.

If you are filling the HoverSphere with helium* you can simply insert the helium tank's inflation nozzle into the fill valve.

It can sometimes be difficult to locate the Hover-Spheres fill valve.

The fill valve is located on one of the tabs located at the bottom of the Hover-Sphere. (Click on the picture for a larger view.)

hover sphere fill valve

After you have located the fill valve, insert the straw until only about 1 or 2 inches remain. (Click on the picture for a larger view.)

hover-sphere straw

You can now fill the your Hover Sphere wih air. You can use an air pump or just blow into the straw. Be carefull not to overfill the Hover-Sphere or it may rupture.

Once it is full simply remove the straw.

It is normal for the HoverSphere to lose air or helium over time. Just repeat the steps above to refill it.

We hope you enjoy your new HoverSphere, and if you would like to purchase other exciting hover toys, like the exciting new Hover Missle, you can view our entire line of hover toys here.

* You can fill your HoverSphere with helium at any store that sells balloons including most grocery stores, florists, and party stores. You can also buy disposable helium tanks at many large retailers.

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